New PAC to Organize Against Marsha Blackburn

Group of Tennessee Volunteers Form New Grassroots Organization to Stop Fringe Congresswoman’s Bid for the U.S. Senate.

WASHINGTON, DC - A new political action committee founded by an all-volunteer group of grassroots Tennesseans plans to spend the coming months educating voters throughout Tennessee and working to prevent fringe Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn from being elected to the United States Senate.

“Whether it was Al Gore, Phil Bredesen, Bill Haslam, or Lamar Alexander, Tennessee has a long history of electing moderate problem solvers to public office. We’ve been shocked to see today’s Tennessee Republican Party shred that proud tradition by inching closer and closer to nominating someone as extreme as Marsha Blackburn as their candidate for the U.S. Senate.” says Kyle Tharp, a co-founder of Smoky Mountain Values PAC.

“A few of us don’t live in Tennessee anymore, but as folks who have lived nearly all of our lives in the state, we felt the need to start this effort because we know Marsha Blackburn doesn’t share our Tennessee values. For example, while Marsha’s been in Washington, she’s made it easier for billion-dollar international drug corporations to trap our families and communities into a growing opioid crisis. [Watch the 60 Minutes investigation of Marsha Blackburn here] …She’s done absolutely nothing to protect our children from the growing threat of school shootings.”

“...She’s fought tooth and nail against anything getting done in Congress to fix healthcare, or immigration, or education, or infrastructure, or jobs. And although she’s a been a member of Paul Ryan’s leadership team for years, she tries to act like she’s some DC outsider. In fact, Marsha Blackburn is exactly what’s wrong with Washington.”

In the coming months, Smoky Mountain Values will work to run original campaigns to highlight Marsha Blackburn’s out-of-touch policy track record in various outlets. If you’d like to contribute to Smoky Mountain Values PAC, click here.

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