Marsha Blackburn's Birthday Party Guest List 🎉

Today is a special day - it’s Tennessee GOP U.S. Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn’s birthday!!!!!  While she's partying it up with Telecom lobbyists, pill-pushing pharmaceutical reps, and other “swamp creatures” tonight, here's some of her other friends who may be making the birthday party guest list:


The Neo-Confederate Hate Group Leader:

1 neoconfed.png

David O. Jones, is Chairman of the Southern National Congress, a proud white supremacist and southern secessionist. He’s also a longtime friend of Marsha Blackburn. In 2004, Marsha Blackburn invited David O. Jones, her friend for over 40 years, to give the opening prayer before the U.S. House of Representatives. Jones has long advocated for southern secession and was the head of the Tennessee chapter of League of the South, a neo-confederate hate group. According to the Nashville Scene, “Jones even officiated Blackburn’s sister’s wedding at Marsha’s behest.”

More information on Marsha’s relationship with White Supremacist Jones:

The Pedophile Basketball Coach:

2 pedophile.png

TN Rep. David “Coach” Byrd has recently been accused of horrendous sexual misconduct by at least 3 teenagers he coached while they were in high school years ago. David is also a friend of Marsha’s. While many Tennessee Republicans have called on Byrd to resign from the Tennessee legislature, Marsha Blackburn did not call on Byrd to resign.

More information about Marsha Blackburn and Pedophile Coach Byrd:


The Shady Russian Lawyer:

3 kline.png

G. Kline Preston IV, an odd, Russophile Nashville lawyer who’s currently caught up in the Russia investigation, has been a long-time friend of Marsha Blackburn. In 2005, Preston represented Blackburn when she was facing allegations of possible campaign finance violations. He's also represented her lobbyist son-in-law. They’re so close in fact, Marsha has even employed Preston’s wife Tiffany. â€śWe’re family friends,” Preston said... “Long time. My spouse is friends with the Congresswoman and her daughter.”

More information about Marsha Blackburn and the Shady Russian Lawyer:


The Abusive, Disgraced Doctor:

4 desjarlais.png

Another one of Marsha’s good friends possibly celebrating her birthday tonight is Rep. Scott Desjarlais, a pro-family values conservative politician from Middle Tennessee, repeatedly slept with patients, encouraged his ex-wife to get two abortions,  and has been accused of harassment, intimidation, and physical abuse. 

Desjarlais’ insane behavior has been public for years now, so its absurd, political malpractice that a high-profile candidate like Blackburn would campaign and pose with Desjarlais as recently as two months ago (see photo).

More information on Marsha Blackburn & The Abusive, Disgraced Doctor:

Austrian Nazis?

5 austria.png

I know, I know, this party is getting weird. According to ThinkProgress, when leaders of the Far-Right Austrian Freedom Partywere in Washington in 2017 and looking for a good time, they knew who to call - Marsha Blackburn (see pic).

The Austrian Freedom Party was founded by Nazis, and is a leading voice of right-wing extremism in Europe.

More information on Marsha Blackburn & the Austrian Freedom Party: