Marsha Blackburn Closer to Shady Russophile Lawyer than Previously Reported


Breaking this afternoon: More info on the relationship between Marsha Blackburn and Kline Preston, the Russophile lawyer who introduced the NRA to Russian officials in 2011 (currently under FBI investigation). 

This potentially drags Marsha Blackburn into a place she doesn't want to be - the investigation into Russian meddling in our elections: 

"...But as documents obtained by ThinkProgress reveal, Blackburn was far closer to Preston than has previously been reported. Preston not only listed himself as the “Campaign Finance Chairman” for Blackburn, but additionally worked for years as the president of Marsha Blackburn for Congress, Inc.

According to information now removed from his website, Preston says he served as president for Marsha Blackburn for Congress, Inc. through at least 2014, with official documents showing the work beginning in 2003. During the same time period, he also introduced Alexander Torshin, a now-sanctioned Russian official accused of mafia ties and massive money laundering in Europe, to then-NRA President David Keene. For good measure, documents filed show that Marsha Blackburn for Congress, Inc., also listed Blackburn’s husband as the registered agent, and listed Blackburn’s address as its own.

The fact that a key member of Blackburn’s campaign was also working closely with Russian officials raises new questions about designs Russian operatives may have had on recruiting allies among Republicans and social conservatives in the U.S. — as well as just how extensive this effort might have been..."

Must read story from ThinkProgress: