Here's 50 Reasons to Vote Against Marsha Blackburn

Believe it or not, there's less than 50 days until Election Day. To mark the occasion, we've pulled together 50 reasons to vote against Marsha Blackburn in November! Enjoy:

  1. Her corruption on the opioid issue

  2. She’s been in the swamp for 16 years

  3. Is against equal pay laws for women

  4. Voted against the Violence Against Women Act

  5. Supports Trump’s insane trade war

  6. Tried to privatize Social Security

  7. Has voted to cut and gut Medicare

  8. Was silent on the border family crisis

  9. She’s done nothing to stop gun violence

  10. Invited a White Supremacist to speak in Congress

  11. Has had numerous campaign finance violations

  12. Is a leading opponent of Net Neutrality

  13. Was named one of the “Most Corrupt” Members of Congress

  14. Has a weird connection with the Russia scandal

  15. Refused to debate her opponent in Memphis

  16. Refused to debate her opponent in Chattanooga

  17. Her college degree is in home economics

  18. Her son-in-law has been a registered lobbyist

  19. Her launch video was banned by Twitter for outright lies

  20. She refused to condemn an alleged pedophile in the state legislature

  21. Voted to deregulate toxic coal ash

  22. Top Republicans don’t even like her

  23. Said Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

  24. Opposes the minimum wage

  25. She stopped showing up to work.

  26. Is good friends with disgraced Rep. Desjarlais

  27. Supported banning refugees from entering the country

  28. Is terrified of speaking out against the White House

  29. Is completely out of touch with working Tennesseans

  30. She went to Mississippi State (Go vols!)

  31. Opposes marriage equality for Tennessee families

  32. She failed to disclose debts on her beach house

  33. Has opposed the Affordable Healthcare Act

  34. Held meetings with extreme far-right European leaders

  35. Voted against military pay raises

  36. Her only notable career before congress was as an image consultant

  37. Wanted government services in English only

  38. Was instrumental in shutting down the Federal government

  39. Voted against reimportation of prescription drugs

  40. Voted to extend the PATRIOT Act’s wiretapping

  41. Is a member of the Tea Party

  42. Voted to kill funding for National Public Radio

  43. She voted for the Iraq War

  44. Is against federal hate crimes laws

  45. Consistently voted against stem cell research

  46. Has a history of “wacky” behavior (google burned receipts story)

  47. Voted against employment non-discrimination laws

  48. Opposed funding for black and hispanic colleges

  49. Voted against regulation of greenhouse gases

  50. She’s paid her own children thousands of dollars