New Survey: Cost of Healthcare Top Issue for Tennessee Democrats, Independents

A new online survey conducted by Smoky Mountain Values PAC reveals that the high cost of healthcare may be a defining issue in this year's competitive U.S. Senate race between popular former Gov. Phil Bredesen and Rep. Marsha Blackburn.

The survey collected responses online from 5/19/18 - 6/19/18, from self-identified Democratic and Independent voters in Tennessee who stated they intended to vote in the November elections. 

Respondents were asked to choose one issue that matters most to them when it comes to voting for U.S. Senate this year. 'Reducing the Cost of Healthcare', 'Protecting Children from Gun Violence', and 'Protecting Social Security' received the majority of voters' responses. 

Other issue options included: 'Stopping the Opioid Crisis', 'Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform', 'Building President Trump's Border Wall', 'Balancing the Federal Budget', 'Raising the Minimum Wage', 'Net Neutrality & Protecting a Free, Open Internet', and 'Improving our Education System.'

33.2% of Democrats and 30.1% of Independents stated that reducing the cost of healthcare was the singular issue that mattered most to them. 

"It's clear that affordable healthcare is far and away one of the most important challenges facing Tennesseans of all political stripes," said Kyle Tharp, Co-Founder of Smoky Mountain Values PAC. "In her 16 years in Washington, Marsha Blackburn has done nothing to reduce the growing cost of healthcare, and we think she'll pay for it at the polls come November - especially with crucial independent voters who are breaking for Phil Bredesen in droves."